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Rain, Rain, Go Away….I feel like I’m in Wuthering Heights…or a depressing British novel…All of us in the northeastern region of the U.S. need a mental/sensual pick-me-up STAT!

Ayurvedic solution: Orange!

courtesy of strawberryhedgehog.com

courtesy of strawberryhedgehog.com

A yoga teacher of mine informed me last week that the scent of an orange is an instant vitality booster and energy driver! So I immediately ran to whole foods, where my mom and I stood in the natural oils and essence section for a good half and hour while we smelled every natural soap/oil/candle that looked orange to us. We had a blast and it was true: after each whiff, we became more and more energetic…and were chatting like little school girls in a mall.

Here are some orange-scented steals we found- great natural energy boosters for a bargain!

Grandpa's natural Orange Essence Soap (direct link)

Grandpa’s Orange soap is a great buy for its scent, all-natural body-softening cleansers- only about 3 bucks at Whole Foods!

Bergamot Orange essential oil

Bergamot Orange essential oil

This “Uplifting” Organic Bergamot-orange essential oil is wonderful and you can find it here

Tsi-las Fiori DAranico

Tsi-la's Fiori D'Aranico

These gorgeous and NATURALĀ  eau de parfum mini’s are made by Tsi-la and are a splurge at $45 bucks a pop- but the delicate bottles and enchanting scents are spell-binding. The company makes 100% alcohol-free andnatural perfume that actually fight free radicals and boost your skins immunity! The Fiori d’aranico and Ilang Ilang are infused with uplifting citrus scents…what economic downturn?

My yoga teacher also informed me that visualizing orange colors and wearing orange clothes also revitalizes the senses.

Luckily a few weeks ago I found these Orange Paisley embroidered pillows on clearance at one of my fave stops: Pier 1. Adorable on some living room sofas, or an instant pick me up if they are in your bedroom. The backs of them are also a wonderfully soft orange pattern.

Orange Paisley PIllow from Pier1 (direct link)

Orange Paisley PIllow from Pier1 (direct link)

This citrus-ly chic dress from Anthropologie is a must have for the summer to brighten up everyone around you during these doldrum days….

Final Note Dress (Direct Link here!)

"Final Note" Dress (Direct Link here!)

I recall one yoga teacher informing me once that keeping oranges in your freezer is a great tool for stress. How? Instead of a stressball, grab one out of your freezer when you are stressed, and squeeze it the same way. The temperature will cool your hand and demeanor, while the scent and color will give you a joyful lift!

Another tip: In true Indian Ayurvedic tradition- make an Orange Lassi (kind of like a milkshake) using organic yogurt, some suga, a little cinnamon and about 3 freshly squeezed oranges…blend and enjoy


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